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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not all smart technologies are created equal

Not all smart technologies are created equal
You can't paint all intelligent products with the same "smart" brush. Recognizing that some products or technologies are smarter then others, I use the following intelligence scale to distinguish between levels of " smartness" or intelligence.

  • Intelligence Level (1) Adapting: Modifying Behaviour to Fit the Environment
  • Intelligence Level (2) Sensing: Bringing Awareness to Everyday Things
  • Intelligence Level (3) Inferring: Drawing Conclusions from Rules and Observations
  • Intelligence Level (4) Learning: Using Experience to Improve Performance
  • Intelligence Level (5) Anticipating: Thinking and Reasoning about What to Do Next
  • Intelligence Level (6) Self-Organizing: Self-generating or Designed by a human hand at the nano-technology or atomic level


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